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01:24pm 22/09/2004
mood: working
I was just browsing my interests and saw that one other person in the world is interested in "plastic surgery tv". Now it's not just me.
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Federal Marriage Amendment   
04:17pm 13/07/2004
  This is what the Human Rights Campaign tells me:

The Senate Republican leadership has turned down an offer from the Democrats for a vote on the substance of the Federal Marriage Amendment and instead filed for cloture on the amendment. Cloture is a procedural motion that limits debate in the Senate (and pre-empts any attempts at filibustering). The Republican leadership could change its strategy yet again, but as of now the vote on cloture is expected to take place on Wednesday, July 14 at 12pm.

You can call 1-800-672-3184 and the HRC will connect you to your Senator for free.

And some links I grabbed from maxomai's LJ:

To voice your opposition to the Amendment, go to one of these three sites and sign their petition:

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little red cookbook, little red cookbook   
10:18pm 18/01/2004
mood: silly
cake or death?!
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09:42pm 18/09/2002
mood: chipper
All journal entries from this point on will be for private reflection or ponderances to share with friends.

All journal entries previously public have been retrocorrected.

Love under will.
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